Science is a part of our lives in every possible way. It is a part of our physical features, the flavours of our food, the plants we grow and the satellites floating above us. 

Understanding science helps us understand our lives, our world, our universe. Sometimes science feels like a foreign language. Too hard to understand. 

Sciren will translate that science so YOU can understand your world.



pronounced /ˈsʌɪr(ə)n/ (sigh-ren)


It is believed that in Homer's telling of Odysseus, the siren call held more meaning than simply singing songs to sailors to trick them to fall overboard. On returning to Ithaca from the Trojan War, Circe warns Odysseus to guide his ship past the Island of the Sirens, to avoid catastrophe.


Blocking the eyes and ears of his shipmates, Odysseus can be sure of the safety of him and his crew...but to fulfill his curiosity, he may listen to the two sirens- so long as he is safely bound to the ship. Odysseus heeds the warning, learns of the siren's descriptions of the island he must avoid, and returns home safely...after several more mythology-sized adventures...




Now it's 2021, and we're two scientists, super keen on telling you the wisdom of this world; saving you by helping you understand it better...well, maybe not saving you. But definitely translating science so you can understand your world.

Delivering our science disguised in fun crafty workshops. Kind of like facts hidden in a Trojan horse...

In fact, one of us even researched in scientific laboratories in Ithaca..New York...

Well.. you get the link!



Sciren offers professional development and training for high school teachers and accessible resources for students. We focus on science and research skills but are able to tailor our courses to suit your needs.


We have been running a science outreach program aimed at high schools for five years. Over this time, we have helped many students and teachers understand the nuances of both science and science as a human endeavor. We hope to make current research and research skills more accessible to teachers.


Bianca has over five years experience creating content and delivering interesting and engaging science programs for students- primary, secondary and tertiary.


With a PhD in Biotechnology, and a passion for plants and food, Bianca would love to show you how to see the science in your world and make sure you love science as much as she does.

Dr bianca warnock


Deborah obtained her PhD in molecular genetics. She is most passionate about genetics, plant science and Dungeons and Dragons, but is always willing to learn as much about science as possible.


She has extensive experience in science outreach and a love of science communication. Currently, Deborah is a science journalist for The Royal Institute of Australia, writing for Cosmos magazine.

Dr Deborah Devis



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